Whispering     Richard Coburn, Vincent Rose / John Schonberger
CHoney, I have G7something to Ctell G7you
Cand it's worthwhile G7listening Cto Edim
EmiPut your little H7hand on my EmishoulH7der
Gso that I can D7whisper to Gyou G7
CWhispering while you cuddle Hnear Cdimme
CWhispering so no one can A+hear A7me
D7/9Each little whisper seems to G6cheer G7me
CI know it's true, Cdim
there's Dm7no one else, G7Dear, but you
G7/5+And you're
Cwhispering why you'll never Hleave Cdimme
CWhispering why you'll never A+grieve A7me
D7/9Whisper and say that you beG6lieve G7me
Dm7Whispering, D7/9"I G7love Cyou."

název: Whispering
hudba: Richard Coburn, Vincent Rose
text: John Schonberger
poznámka: 1920

klíčová slova: americká,   anglický text,   charleston,   jazz

dvojice : Vona byla mlynářovo dítě